Windows Quick Tip - click the Start button and type ‘fix printer’.

Then click on ‘Find and fix printing problems’ which will start the Windows printer troubleshooter.

Another way to bring up the built-in Printer Troubleshooter, open the Run box (WIN+R keys), type the following and hit Enter:

msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic

Printer problems are common and because the purchase price of many new printers is so low, the cost for tech support to fix a printer problem is sometimes more than the original cost of the printer.  As a result, people may hesitate to ask for help and I hate to charge more than the printer cost to fix it.fix your printer

But let me add this comment on the cost of your printer; manufacturers typically sell printers at a large discount because they want you to buy their brand of extremely profitable printer ink cartridges.

Consider this – printer ink sells for about $1 per milliliter, sometimes even more. There are 3,785 milliliters per gallon. So printer ink costs $3,785 per gallon! And you thought gas for your car was expensive.

If you were not already aware that printer cartridges are expensive, then you have not yet purchased your first printer cartridge. Sometimes the cost of a set of black and color ink cartridges costs more than the printer!

So here is what I suggest – do your own printer troubleshooting and problem resolution. Use the key resources below that will often allow a person to identify and fix their printer issue on their own.



Use these resources for more info on printer setup and troubleshooting:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel and then open the Troubleshooting app.
  • For network printers, you may need to also troubleshoot your network or run the network troubleshooter.
  • Visit the tech support web page for your printer maker.
  • Call the printer maker for possible free phone help.