Malware is any software that tries to defraud you and/or damage your computer.malware2

The term ‘malware’ is an abbreviation for the phrase ‘malicious software’.

  • No antivirus product can provide absolute 100% protection from all malware.
  • Your computer may harbor malware without your knowledge.
  • The objective of most modern malware is to defraud the victim in various ways including password theft, identity theft, computer ransom and credit card fraud.
  • Some malware enrolls your computer without your knowledge in a ‘botnet’ (a network of ‘robot’ computers) dedicated to various illegal activities.
  • Beware of sudden warning messages on your computer screen saying your computer is infected and that you need to pay money over the Internet to fix your computer.  Immediately closing your web browser by clicking the red X in the upper right corner if you see such messages sometimes prevents infection.  But do not click any button that says ‘Run’.