Why is Fixer 1 different?  Because I promote self-reliant computing.

Why would I do that?  So that my friends and clients can have smooth running computers with less use of paid computer tech support from me or anyone else.

If you are interested in spending less money on paid tech support and pursuing self-reliant computing, this website is for you!

To that purpose, my website offers extensive information on how to maintain your Windows computer and remove malware for free if you are so inclined.

Most computer tech support services do not emphasize the valuable free resources available to the public via the Internet.  Maybe they do not want you to become self-reliant.  After all, that could cut into their revenue.


Quick Tips for Self-Reliant Computing

  • Go to Control Panel or Settings and search on Troubleshoot to fix problems.
  • Use the Free Help options on this website.
  • Use the Quick Fix flowchart under Free Help.
  • Protect important data, files and photos with offsite and/or cloud backup such as Backblaze.
  • Avoid downloading software.
  • Consider using a Chromebook.

For those times when you need one of the tech support services listed here at Fixer 1, please call me at (303) 578-6687.  Thank You!